In 2008, Huong Vu and Tuan Dung Nguyen completed their studying of architecture with their “Diplomarbeit” at the Labor of integrative architecture LIA - Prof. Finn Geipel, Technical University of Berlin.

In 2011, Huong Vu and Tuan Dung Nguyen earned honorable mention at European Prize of Sacred Architecture 2011 - Fondazione Frate Sole, Pavia, Italy.

In 2014, Huong Vu and Tuan Dung Nguyen officially founded vn-a, an architecture studio with two locations Berlin and Dalat - Vietnam after years of practical activities in the field of architecture and urban research.

Since 2014, Huong Vu and Tuan Dung Nguyen belong to Chamber of Architects of Berlin.

Since October 2016, Tuan Dung Nguyen works as academic associate at IKE - Institute of Constructive Design, Industrial- and Healthcare Building, Technical University of Braunschweig. 

In the same year, Huong Vu and Tuan Dung Nguyen won the second prize at the international Awards for Sacred Architecture VI Edition 2016, Fondazione Frate Sole, Pavia, Italy and Hans Schäfers Prize, BDA Berlin.

In 2017, Huong Vu and Tuan Dung Nguyen were appointed as full members of the BDA - Landesverband Berlin through outstanding works and performances in the sense of the BDA goals.

In 2013, Truong Giang Vu joined vn-a as a civil engineer. Since then he has been in charge of many vn-a projects in Vietnam. Since 2018, Giang has been strengthening the vn-a team in Vietnam with an additional degree as an architect. In 2020, vn-a Consultant Design Co. Ltd was founded in Da Lat under his direction.

B-Arch. Minh Duong Le (office Da Lat)

Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Huong Vu (office Berlin)

Muá»—i (office Da Lat)

Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Tuan Dung Nguyen (office Berlin)

B-Eng. B-Arch. Truong Giang Vu (office Da Lat)

rubber tree (office Berlin)