Wohnquartier, München-Neuperlach

with Max Wetzig Architect, Gruppe Dezentral

2020, 4. prize

DGS - Mandala Filling Station Phuc Duy

Dak Nong, Viet Nam

The productive city Winnenden, IBA 27

collaboration with NUWELA Büro

2021, Anerkennung

BMH - housing / 11 apartments

Berlin, Germany

approved (2018)

ZMH - Housing / 10 apartments

Brandenburg, Germany

in progress, 2020 -

Vietnam: Contemporary Religious Architecture as

a Rare Good. 7 CIARC "Looking to the East", Spain

Postareal Böblingen, IBA 27

Böblingen, Germany


Renovation of sportforum Berlin Lichtenberg

collaboration with NUWELA Büro

2020 - 2021, Anerkennung

THC - Thoi Hoa Church

Ben Cat, Binh Duong, Viet Nam

in progress, 2020 -

A mysterious tour of Duo Exhibition

by Collaboration of Visual Art and Architecture

September 28 - November 18, 2018

SEH - rehab for an unusable

resettlement area / Soc Trang, Viet Nam

renovation & extension Komische Oper

in coop. FMNW & Ana Niemeyer Arquitetura

2020, 2nd round - 1st phase

TKS - Tinh Khoi studio

district 7, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

finished 2021

BAH - Attic renovation

Berlin, Germany

in progress, 2021 -

CEH-TX, education HUB Tu Xuong street

district 3, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

in progress, 2020 -

CEH-PMH, Office-building Phu My Hung,

district 7, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

in progress, 2020 -

Rehab for a resettlement area

in Soc Trang

3 September 2021

GRH - Recultivation a former servants' house

Bad Wilsnack, Brandenburg, Germany

in progress, 2018 -

site / shine / sight-duo exhibition of vn-a

and Que Chi Truong

The Factory, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Vivere in una casa trasparente

circondati da alberi secolari

22 July 2021

HBH - Mini house Bac Cau

Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Mini house Bac Cau

25 June 2021

Restless Living Volume 79

Mini house Bac Cau, pages 16-19

Sacred space / some support elements

AGOhub, 12 Hoa Ma, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

22 August 2020

FKH - Practice & recording studio for Chamber music

Brandenburg, Germany

approved July 2021, in progress 2017 -

HMH - housing / Hechingen, Germany

urban design studies, 9 apartments

finished 2020

Wohnquartier Ochsenau, Landshut

with Max Wetzig Architect, Michael Wenzel Landscape Architecture, 2020

DWH_A - Multi generation house

Duc Trong, Lam Dong, Viet Nam

in progress, 2021 -

Atmosphere – A Journey of Finding New Aesthetics

AGOhub, 12 Hoa Ma, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

29 June 2019

KA - Kadon Parish Church

Lam Dong, Viet Nam

Under one roof: New church building in Vietnam

17 February 2017

OHG - housing / 21 apartments

Ferch, Germany

in progress, 2019 -

Triển lãm Cao / Độ / Chiều - sự kết hợp

giữa nghệ thuật thị giác và kiến trúc

07 November 2018

BUI - Labour and Research Buildings

Berlin, Germany

(2019, with Max Wetzig Architect)

Duo exhibition of vn-a and Truong Que Chi

07 August 2018

HCH - Three community buildings

Hafencity, Hamburg, Germany

(2019, 2.RG, with Max Wetzig Architect)

Mandala Filling Station Phuc Duy

18 March 2017

NBP - Ngo Dong Pagoda

Ninh Binh, Viet Nam

2017 - 2018

Ausstellung und Lesungen der

diesjährigen Nachwuchspreisträger

BDA Berlin


e luoghi di culto e della memoria

CVC - Cu Va Church

Quang Ngai, Viet Nam


boundary of sacred / secular space: some

interpretations - Nhabe Scholae and vn-a

The Factory, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

BDA Berlin Nachwuchspreise verliehen

13 October 2016

HPH - production hall in Havelland

Brieselang, Germany

2019 - 2020

Studienentwürfe werden gebaute

Realität - Theorie und Praxis

30 November 2016

DOC - mix-used complex

Dresden, Germany

invited competition (2018)

Mandala Filling Station Phuc Duy

27 February 2017

DOC - mix-used complex

Dresden, Germany urban design studies

for the masterplan, commissioned (2017)

vn-a: Katholische Kirche in Kadon

Nhà thờ Ka Đơn - 2017

published in ARCH+227

SKM - museum extension / Syke, Germany

competition (2016, with Robert Herrmann)

Raum für Reflexion -

Nachwuchsförderpreise BDA Berlin

13 October 2016

Architettura sacra, l’Oscar 2016 va allo

spagnolo Moneo Vallés

04 October 2016

Premio Internazionale di Architettura Sacra

“FrateSole” VI Edizione - 2016

Fondazione Frate Sole / a cura di Adrea Vaccari

Printed in September 2016, by Casa del

Giovane, Pavia, Italy

OBS - Haus der Statistik / Berlin, Germany

competition (2017)

eine Diplomarbeit wird Realität

Bautrieb - Vortragsreihe

Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin

BDA Nachwuchsförderpreise 2016 Hans

Schaefers Preis - winner

BDA Berlin

International Prize for Scared

Architecture VI Edition 2016 - 2nd prize

Fondazione Frate Sole, Pavia, Italy

exhibition of the 86 projects

Palazzo del Broletto, Pavia, Italy

PHNO-German embassy-energetic renovation

(site supervision) / Phnom Penh, Cambodia

completed (2016, design: EMHZ architects)

HANO - German embassy - inventory

Ha Noi, Viet Nam

completed (2015)

Phuoc Bistro

15 January 2016

Uncluttered Asian Bistro in Berlin

05 May 2016

Trở lại Ka Đơn

Kiến trúc & Đời sống 12.2015; trang 62-65

Hội nhập văn hoá Kitô giáo ở Việt Nam

Công giáo và dân tộc - số 1978

BKM | Museum of the 20th Century

with toponauten GmbH


Die Rückkehr des Geistes

16 January 2015

BIR - sushi restaurant / Berlin, Germany

completed (2015, with Robert Herrmann)

Bình yên bên núi đồi

nội thất 220.1512.2014; trang 64-73

BIC - Cathedral interior design / Berlin, Germany

competition (2015, with EMHZ architects and

Robert Herrmann)

Lễ Cung hiến và khánh thành Nhàt hờ

Ka Đơn (Đà Lạt)

22 July 2014

Lễ Khánh Thành và Cung Hiến Thánh

Đường Giáo Xứ Ka Đơn - ĐơnDương

ban truyền thông Giáo Hạt Đơn Dương


Ausgabe 03.2012. Das missio-Magazin


MEP-Milano Expo pavilion 2015

Vietnam pavilion

competition (2013)

Grandplan - Porte Des Lilas

Paris, France

research (2007)

OKON - Tempelhof airport

Berlin, Germany

research (2003)