Mandala Filling Station Phuc Duy

18 March 2017; Architizer

“Petrol filling stations is a complexity. People, animal, vegetation, machine come and stay to exchange energy. Not only in the substantive value but also in the mental value, all of activities are linked and reacted together in a vital circulation. Filling station Phuc Duy is organized in a circle, where the functions are closed with each other as possible but have enough distance to strengthen the peaceful servicescape. Further more than an energy exchange point, station Phuc Duy play a roll of a relaxed meeting point like an eco-friendly stop during the journey. With the mixed symbolized form like a village of many roofs the area of almost 1700 square meter is covered to get shadow. The roofs with clay roof tiles in archetype form keep the spirit of the place in industry facts of this service architecture...”

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